Extrusion Lines

The extrusion lines from DEKUMA are suitable for many kinds of plastic pipes manufacturing, pdyethylene pipe can be widely applied for:

  • Urban tap water supply, particularly for multi-grade water distribution and portable water
  • Transfer and distribution pipeline of coal gas, liquefied gas and natural gas
  • Drainage pipeline
  • Protective conduit for communication lines and power cables

Mainly series:

Single Screw Extruder(Pipe Daimeter Range Ø10-Ø1600)

40 Meter/minute DKM-E63S Polyethylene Pipe Double-barreled High Speed Extrusion Line

PPR/PERT 3 Layers or 5 Layers Co-extrusion High Speed Extrusion Line

Ø 16- Ø 1600 High Speed swarfless cutter for PE(PP) Pipe

Double Conical Twin-Screw Extruder (Screw Daimeter Range)

  • DKM-EII 50/103
  • DKM-EII 60(65)/125(132)
  • DKM-EII 70(80)/150(156)
  • DKM-EII 92/188

Single Screw Extruder (Screw Daimeter/ Effective Screw Length)

  • DKM-EI 45/32A
  • DKM-EI 60/33A
  • DKM-EI 70/33(36A)
  • DKM-EI 80/33(36A)
  • DKM-EI 100/33(36A)
  • DKM-EI 120/33(36A)
  • DKM-E  150/33A