Donation and Expense details


  • Pool of Donators:Subsidiaries of  Cosmos, suppliers, clients and associated companies
  • Donation income is only designated for procurement of necessities to the students in needs
  • Other Expenditures, such as the transportation and accommodation expenses for the volunteers team and the cost for school repair, will be borne by the company.  If we need to use the donation income for particular school repair project, prior resolution from the CML Altruistic Action Committee (CAAC) is required.

Details below

Expenditure details (2012.06.11)

Expenditure details (2012.02.21)

Expenditure details(2011.10.31)


Company payment details


2012.06 Return visit to primary schools at Leibo country, Sichuan

2011.12 Warm winter action at Leibo country, Sichuan

2011.08 Voluntary action for repair work at Guangxi Huaguang Girls' High School

2010.10 Love and warm action at Leibo country, Sichuan