Altruistic Action


A company should be responsible to the stake-holders. “Stake-holders” means those who can affect the corporate decision-making and operation, or those who will be infected by the corporate decision-making and company operation, including the employees, customers, suppliers, government and community groups, parent company, subsidiaries, partners and shareholders.

The first and foremost mission for a company is to provide products and services that the society needs. It shall offer physical products as well as that can satisfy the spiritual needs of our society.

Purpose of founding a volunteer service team

We believe that a company should not only provide tangible remunerations to its employees, but also take care about the spiritual reward. This is the reason why we have established a voluntary service platform for our employees to devote their contributions to the society.

Following to our corporate belief of “Excellence Through People, Sharing the Future Together”, we shall extend our caring to the external within our reach.

As Sir WistonChurchill said “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

Leading beliefs of the volunteer service team

As the Buddha said the ones who give or receive are at equality. That is to say our team members must treat the targets in equanimity.

And devote within their means, never do over.

Implication of “Altruistic Action”

Altruistic Action means "showing unselfish concern for the welfare of others & do what you mean"

Declaration of “Altruistic Action”

This action is not an incident. And we don't act for propaganda. CML Altruistic Action (CAC) is of on-going concern for those students in rural poverty areas, particularly in LeiBo, Sichuan.

And we swear we will implement our caring actions continuously towards the students in need of help there.