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Shengyang New Technology Seminar Held Successfully

     “Meet the customer’s need, share the latest technology of the industry” is the principle that Donghua Machinery has always carried out. Donghua Machinery has just concluded the Tianjin and Zhengzhou new technology seminar in June. Then we have set foot on this piece of black land in Northeast China. We have held a new technology seminar about automobile lightweight and intelligent plant management on 20th July at Shenyang Beichen Hotel.




     In today’s world, technology and economy has been in rapid progress and development. The rise of German industry 4.0 marked the whole world speed up to enter the intelligent manufacture, which is the core of intelligent economy era. Our country, as the industrial and economic power, of course is at the forefront of the world. So this new technology seminar, whose theme is “automobile lightweight and intelligent plant management”, has get a lot of participation and discussion from the industry, such as, automotive industry,  automobile spare parts industry, plastic injection molding, peripheral industry, .etc. It also obtains the technique sharing provided by the national composite modified polymer material engineering technology research center.


     The main content of this seminar:


     Chemical injection micro foaming technology and its application in auto industry


     Micro foam injection moulding technology can reduce the products weight obviously on the basis of ensuring the product performance. It has the features of small internal stress, few surface defects occurred and special moulding advantage in making product with large differences in wall thickness. Compared with conventional injection molding, structural foam injection molding, chemical foaming injection molding and gas-assisted injection molding, it has unique advantage in many aspects. Recent years, it becomes an important aspect in the development of injection moulding technology. For this seminar, Mr. Zhang Xiang, the researcher of national composite modified polymer material engineering technology research center, introduces many things about micro foam injection moulding technology in details onsite. He talks about the application of micro foam injection moulding technology in auto industry and its future development directions, .etc.


     The developing direction of automobile lightweight


     Automobile lightweight, just as its name implies, is to reduce the curb weight as much as possible under the premise of   ensuring the car’s strength and safety performance. And then improve the power of the car, decrease the energy consumption and reduce exhaust pollution. During the seminar, Mr. Zhang Guoxian, the marketing & international director of Donghua Machinery, focuses on the electric vehicle’s requirement to the automobile lightweight, lightweight design of automotive parts, process requirements to auto parts, and supplier’s specific requirements to spare parts, etc.




     Intelligent plant management-iSee 2.0


     Intelligent factory, automatic production and management are the inevitable trend in the future development of the factory. For this seminar, Mr. Cai Guoqiang, the electric control & transmission director of Donghua Machinery, talks about Donghua Machinery’s intelligent plant management system iSee2.0 in details. He also demonstrates iSee2.0 onsite so as to make us experience the factory automation, intelligent production and management.


     Two-platen IMM & Automotive interior and exterior production line


     Mr. Yin Jian, the engineering director of Donghua Machinery, mainly introduces the two-platen IMM’s stability and excellent performance. It is also important equipment for auto parts. He talks about the excellent performance of the two-platen IMM and how we can make good use of it. He also tells us how to combine the performance and raw material process of the mould perfectly.




     Multi-material serve-driven energy saving injection moulding machine


     Mr. Li Xiangdong, the R&D director of Donghua Machinery, points out that automobile lightweight meant reduce the automobile weight. Actually, it is important to reduce the procedure during car manufacturing. But how to reduce the number of auto parts, use less adhesive and ensure the car VOC qualified is the direction that we strived for. There are many forms of Donghua Machinery’s multi-material IMM. The horizontal turntable structure’s force distribution is very uniform, which solve the deficiency of the vertical turntable appeared before.


     Non-standard application of manipulator—IMM single automatic solutions


      Kowey, the sponsors of this event, also shares with us about the non-standard application of manipulator—IMM single automatic solutions. As an important part of non-standard automation, non-standard equipment manipulator has been widely used in the development of automation.




      We won’t stop our steps to the social development and scientific innovation. And the new technologies and things always requires us to learn, summarize and share. Donghua Machinery will also have to work to bring new technologies and products for every industry friends constantly. Finally special thanks for Kowey precision machinery to sponsor the event, Chinese Plastic Machinery Industry Association, Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd. to support this event.