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Donghua Machinery 2016 DMP Concluded Successfully

     The 18th China Dongguan Int’I Mould, Metalworking, Plastics &Packaging Exhibition, which closed on December 2, has achieved remarkable results beyond all expectations. Carrying with 393SEc servo energy saving thin-wall high speed special IMM, 190Se servo-driven energy saving IMM, and 55Ge all-electric IMM, Donghua Machinery interacts with the visitors onsite, and obtains many customer’s consistent praise in 4 days exhibition period.





     The wonderful moments of Donghua Machinery on the 18th DMP exhibition:


     393SEc is a special injection molding machine for the packaging industry launched by our company, which adopts the servo drive system. Compared with the ordinary hydraulic machine, the energy-saving can reach 30-50%, the injection speed is higher than 200mm/s, and the melting speed can reach 300rpm. Mould clamping and injection adopt precision linear guide rail result in lower friction and energy consumption, steady operation and response faster. We demonstrate the 32 cavities food packaging on the exhibition site, and the machine dry cycle is only 1.8S. With mold and manipulator to achieve automatic production, the whole production cycle is only 4 seconds, which has reached the domestic leading level. And this set of automatic solution has obtained many visitors’ consistent praise.





     SeⅡ series is the second-generation servo-driven energy saving IMM of our company, which is very mature products of Donghua Machinery. Cooperate with the robot, 190SeII will demonstrate the 2 cavities router cover onsite, and the rate of qualified products is up to 100%. On the site, the automatically integrated solutions change the 3C product’s traditional production model. It can meet the needs of customers, improve the production efficiency and save cost. This time, our booth is also gathered a large number of advisory customers and visitors. And we also get a few customers’ orders successfully.





     With the manipulator, 55Ge all-electric IMM demonstrates 4 cavities medical funnel cover onsite. The product materials is ABS transparent plastic material, and the product size is 22*20*20mm. Ge series all-electric IMM is widely used in the precision plastics production, which includes high-precision electronic products, high-quality lenses, optical instruments, medical equipment, precise toys and other industries. And its protection to the mold exceeds most of the injection molding machine over the current market, which is at the top of the IMM industry.





     With high-quality products and unique design, Donghua machinery has attracted a large number of visitors during the exhibition. Our booth bursting with popularity in the 4 day’s show, we also get successful orders from the customer onsite. This time, Donghua machinery has achieved good market response and fruitful results. It not only brings new vitality to the development of domestic IMM industry, but also draws a perfect full stop for the 18th DMP exhibition!