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Changzhou New Technology Seminar Held Ceremoniously

     With the improvement of economy and technology, the automobile, electronic appliances, food and medical packaging, plastic building materials and other markets have developed rapidly. For the purpose of meeting the end-market demand for high quality plastic products, the related plastic processors begin to build a partnership with the whole automatic solution providers. This is also a major manifestation of automation and intelligent applications in the injection molding industry.

     As the leaders of IMM industry, Donghua Machinery always has its own technical advantages in injection moulding technology and industry solution. The Yangtze River Detta is not only one of the most active areas of China economic development, but also has high demands of technical application. For the current intelligent, industry 4.0, automotive lightweight and other hot topics, the users look forward to more information related so that improve their management and technical ability. Donghua machinery successfully held a new technology seminar about Automobile lightweight & Intelligent plant management on November 25th at the Jinling Plaza Changzhou. Nearly 200 people participated in this forum, with enthusiastic and warm atmosphere.



     The main content of this seminar:

     Automobile lightweight & injection molding technology

     Mr. Zhang Guoxian, the marketing & international director of Donghua Machinery, introduced the on-line compounding IMM, Micro foamed, low pressure injection, IMD, high-gloss injection and other related technologies and processes of Donghua Machinery. He also talked about the lightweight design of the whole car, the technological requirement for the auto parts as well as the specific demand of parts suppliers.


     Two-platen IMM & Automotive interior and exterior production

     Two-platen injection moulding machine is an important equipment to produce auto parts. Mr. Zhang Yingsheng, the technical sales director of Donghua Machinery, talked about the excellent performance of the two-platen IMM and how we can make good use of it. He also told us how to combine the performance and raw material process of the mould perfectly so as to achieve accurate and efficient production requirements.


    Intelligent plant management——iSee2.0

     In recent years, the concept “industry 4.0” and “made in China 2025” has been discussed warmly, which are seriously treated by all industries. Mr. Cai Guoqiang, the electrical control & transmission director of Donghua Machinery, said that Donghua Machinery has already had its own iSee intelligent control system in 2010, and the purpose of development is to achieve the intelligent network and intelligent manufacturing. After five years of optimization and upgrading, the iSee2.0 intelligent control system is more automatic, digital, intelligent and networked, which can support different management information according to the demand of customer. It can also connect with the existing auxiliary equipment of IMM to achieve the full intelligent management from orders to product delivery.


     Hybird IMM and its application in medical industry

     Mr. Li Xiangdong, the R&D director of Donghua Machinery, introduced the related application and cases of Hybrid IMM in medical industry. He said that the Hybrid IMM not only has All-electric IMM’s high precision and excellent action characteristics, but also the economics of hydraulic press. It can make customers own high precision, high production efficiency and lower-cost injection moulding machine.


     Donghua Machinery has been leading the industry trend with a keen sense of touch and high R&D investment. In the future, Donghua Machinery will be close to the needs of customers, increase the upgrades of old product and the development of new products, and adhere to scientific management and technical innovation.